I undertake expert witness reports for civil and legal criminal proceedings, including the assessment of neurodevelopmental disorders; refugees; functional neurological disorders; mental disorders in criminal proceedings; and civil cases relating to personal injury, including the effects of psychological trauma and acquired brain injury.  I provide expert witness reports in relation to employment and performance related matters, such as for employment tribunals or professional and regulatory bodies such as the GMC.  I also provide expert witness reports for inquests and serious incident inquiries.



Dr Deeley will refer the patient for further assessment and treatment if required – for example, by experienced psychologists and psychotherapists or other health care professionals based on the client's needs.
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Dr Deeley researches cross-cultural psychiatry and social and cultural neuroscience, leading a research group at the Institute of Psychiatry in this area. He also researches biological...
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Dr Deeley is a member of the Royal College of Psychiatrists. He undertook medical training at Guys and St Thomas’ Hospitals before training in psychiatry on the Maudsley Hospital training scheme.
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