Autism spectrum disorder

Dr Deeley will undertake a history and mental state examination, and assess for the presence of autistic features in the past and present. If possible a parent should also attend to allow an Autism Diagnostic Inventory -  Revised (ADI-R) assessment.  Alternatively, the ADI-R can be conducted by telephone. An Autism Diagnostic Observation Schedule (ADOS) assessment will be undertaken if necessary.

Dr Deeley will feed back the results of the assessment to the patient, and parents or others with the patient’s consent.

Dr Deeley will refer the patient for further assessments if necessary – for example, neuropsychological assessment, or speech and language therapy assessment.

Dr Deeley will also discuss a support and treatment plan. Follow up sessions with Dr Deeley or other therapists can be arranged if appropriate.

Dr Deeley will prepare an assessment report. The report will contain results of the assessment, and support and treatment recommendations for the patient, family, and referrer.


Dr Deeley will refer the patient for further assessment and treatment if required – for example, by experienced psychologists and psychotherapists or other health care professionals based on the client's needs.
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Dr Deeley researches cross-cultural psychiatry and social and cultural neuroscience, leading a research group at the Institute of Psychiatry in this area. He also researches biological...
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Dr Deeley is a member of the Royal College of Psychiatrists. He undertook medical training at Guys and St Thomas’ Hospitals before training in psychiatry on the Maudsley Hospital training scheme.
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